FINLAND 2015 - L. RAUTIANENS's place: 18.-22. May * July 3.-9. and 9.-15. * 14.-21. September * Wild bears, wolves, wolverines. * Guiding, Courses * EUR 215/night, min 3 nights.
Photo course and guided photographing of wild animals - wolves, bears, wolverines and eagles. Phone +47 907 99 834,
PHOTO TOUR: Patagonia 2014/2015: Southern Chile/Argentina. Date: ON DEMAND December (2014), January and February (2015).
Patagonia 2014-2015: Guided photo tour: Chile: Puerto Montt to Punta Arenas, Torres del Paine, Argentina: Perito Moreno Glacier, Cerro Torre, Fitz Roy. And a lot more. Contact: me :-)
Asle Hjellbrekke - about me
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Wild bears, wolves and wolverines
From the Finnish/Russian border in Kuhmo, mid Finland - Lassi Rautiainen's place
From Torres del Paine NP in the south to the corner with Peru and Bolivia in the north
Iguazu waterfalls
In the Iguazu river on the border between Brasil and Argentina and close to Paraguy.
Denali NP - aug/sept 1988
Lofoten Islands
A group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Norway and north of the Arctic circle.
Northern Lights - Sky
Colorful phenomenas between heaven and earth.
Norway - the Fjords
From the Sogn of Fjordane county with Sognefjorden (second longest in the world), Nordfjorden and the big glacier Jostedalsbreen. To the very east part of the mountainous Jotunheimen NP.
Odds and ends
30 years of Nature Photography: Some of my personal favourites not found elsewhere.
Wild hare in my garden
Visited my garden on a daily basis for nearly three month. 2009.